Our Impact

For over 20 years, Watchmen have been ministering to pastors and churches in Africa, encouraging them to prepare themselves for the soon coming of Christ. In that time the ministry has spread. Today, 9 nations have their own Watchmen Teams carrying the training to the indigenous churches and leaders of all denominations in their country.



AFRICAN Youth Award

A few thousand young people have passed through the Silver & Gold Awards. A conservative estimate would be that 250 are currently participating in these programs across East Africa.



African Nursery Schools

This covers the salary of a teacher and provides for up to 100 children. The benefits of a Christian education, a cup of maize porridge each day and clean drinking water are acknowledged and appreciated by government officials and locals alike.



Changed Lives

It is impossible to track the number of lives that have been and are continuing to be changed as a result of the Watchmen efforts not only in Africa, but also in the UK , USA and beyond!