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Schools Program

One of the hidden needs in the rural societies are the many orphans who are cared for by family members who are themselves without the resources to care properly for their own children. The Watchmen Nursery Schools, run by local Watchmen pastors and village committees, were our response to the problem-which has not gone away. Through individual sponsors in the USA & UK we have managed to maintain our support and supervision of 18 schools for the past 20+ years. In that time literally thousands of children have passed through them.

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The remote rural areas of Africa generally have no access to clean drinking water so that waterborne diseases plague everybody & dehydration is common among children & adults alike. To meet this basic human need, W.I. developed a highly effective & affordable water purifying system. The Lifewater system is simple to operate, highly portable & can be used anywhere bringing instant relief. Through public sponsorship & working with governments as well as churches, thousands of Lifewater kits have been set up in homes, schools, clinics, hospitals & refugee camps.The immediate health benefits are astonishing: for example, 25%absenteeism in schools is reduced to less than 5% when kits are available to students. A Lifewater kit will provide a family or schoolroom with clean water for about 2 years at a cost of about $60 USD. To request more information about supporting Lifewater, select the button to the right & complete the short form.


Africa Youth Award (AYA)

No effective Bible teaching ministry can exist without having concern for the social needs of the people with whom it is working. Because unemployment can be as high as 80% among youth in Africa the Watchmen ministry now includes a highly effective and popular discipleship training course called the Africa Youth Award (AYA) through which young men and women are trained within their local environment to be useful members of society. The 2 year course, led by local Watchmen pastors has proved to be so successful that we find it difficult to keep up with the demand. It includes growing in spiritual maturity, practical service to the community, work skills training, and physical fitness, and is rewarded by a Silver or Gold certificate on completion. The literature for all our work has to be translated and printed in many different languages and as the ministry spreads so the number of books and languages increases.  To learn more, select the sign up button & complete the short form.

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Spiritual Transformation

Our world needs the whole truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For more than 20 years now Watchmen International has been ministering to pastors & churches in Africa, encouraging them to prepare themselves for the soon coming of Christ. In this time the ministry has spread far & wide. Today 9 nations across equatorial Africa have their own Watchmen Teams with thousands of pastors & leaders completing the Spiritual Transformation courses they offer.